Sunday, December 31, 2006

REPEAT VISITORS: Scroll Past Today's Entries for New Hazardous Material


Blogger sakura56 said...

wao! Your Brog is shape good.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Alina Chau said...

V interesting blog!
Thanks for visiting mine and your comment! :)

1:10 PM  
Blogger The Abiding Dude said...

Finally,a blog besides my own, that speaks to me.:D

9:44 AM  
Blogger Toze said...

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5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a bit more of similar dangers;

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I like it.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I took a look at your blog and particularly liked your sense of humour.

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Blogger Graham Jones said...

I dig that.

3:59 PM  
Blogger casaevita said...

CrazY Blog man!! don't understand everything but it's Cool!! you just keep up the good work!! In The netherland there also making everything diffrent!! Oure PM is a wimp,but we just keep on rollin you know!!
Take care,latersssssssss

A Hollanda Girl

4:04 PM  
Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Suggested reply to the spam found below:

"I wish you spammers would stay the f-ck away from other people's blogs!"

October 3, 2005
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apartment 136
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 362 7064

The Honorable Kenneth Wainstein
U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia
U.S. Department of Justice
555 Fourth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Mr. Wainstein:

The full text of my autobiography titled "Significant Moments" can be accessed on the web at The manuscript is unusual in structure, and is written entirely in the form of quotations from published material. I spent about ten years writing the document, from the spring of 1993 to about the year 2004.

From June 1988 to October 1991 I was employed at the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, two of whose executive managers are Robert S. Strauss, Esq. and Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Esq. Dennis M. Race, Esq. of Akin Gump designated himself the contact person regarding questions about my employment (202 887 4028).

From 1992 to 1996 I was an outpatient at the Department of Psychiatry of the George Washington University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry, which at that time was chaired by Jerry M. Wiener, M.D. (now deceased). Dr. Wiener served in 1994-1995 as President of the American Psychiatric Association. He had earlier served as President of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Coincidentally, Dr. Wiener was Jewish and a native of Texas, like Robert S. Strauss (who serves as a trustee of GW's Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine). Robert S. Strauss has an interest in biomedical issues and endowed a chair in neurology at the University of Texas Medical School. Both Mr. Strauss and Dr. Wiener were graduates of the University of Texas.

I believe (without proof) that senior Akin Gump managers surreptitiously (and unlawfully) obtained draft versions of my autobiography which I submitted to my psychiatrists at GW. I further believe that Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Esq. transmitted the draft versions to his close friend and confidant, former President William Jefferson Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you recall, in the mid-1990s, Mrs. Clinton chaired an ill-fated national health care reform initiative that considered benefits for mental health treatment.

I understand that the willful fabrication of delusional symptoms to bolster a Social Security disability mental health claim would constitute a prosecutable act of criminal fraud.


Gary Freedman

cc: Eugene Lambert, Esq., trustee, GW
David Kendall, Esq.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous max said...

your site rocks. there really needs to be a war on junk...the state of this nation's collective health is disgusting. keep sticking it to the clown...

7:22 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

informative :)

5:38 PM  
Blogger OORANOS said...

Have a good time

2:41 PM  
Blogger CutieGirl12 said...

hey like your website you should check out mine!

1:58 PM  
Blogger Team India said...

Forget the war on junk.

The war on Terror AKA War on All Civil Liberties and Human Rights; is what you should be concerned with.

1:15 PM  
Blogger screamingbroccoli said...

I was looking for your book and found your blog. I'm seriously psyched for me, and my unfettered access to your mind (feel violated, yet...cause we can work that out). :)

This is Jacqueline...we know eachother from Dentondom.

I have two blogger accounts and my real blog should you want to visit.

My blogger accounts are this one (for commenting), and my activist blog.

And my personal one is here.

And you know my email. :)


12:29 PM  
Blogger DLAK said...

My ass hurts. How do you get spam when you have the dumbass word verification turned on? Hmmmmmmmm?

12:15 AM  
Blogger Nefarious Aflatus said...

Just to let you know... I can no longer even find this blog in a blog search here at blogspot.

AND I have a pathetic update on the subject of sensorship here at,

My main spoofs page is now blocked somehow.

The sad part of this is that I can see where people that have lifted my material when I was publishing at "the" could be influencing such actions.


It is embarrassing as a human to know that such small and feable minds are allowed to exist in the world.

Just Damn Sad.

4:51 PM  
Blogger defjef from the far left said...

i finally got your book, i love it, if you ever make the movie i wanna be cast as the kid in the beginning with the twinkie wrapper. ive been in that situation more times then id like to admit. ive never died tho, i just end up puking the bag up and smoking it

2:34 PM  
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