Sunday, December 31, 2006

JUNK Reviews - Backlog

For those of you who haven't yet visited the website for JUNK, here's a cluster of reviews for your perusal...

JUNK is a hit. I loved every second. I started reading it and didn’t stop until I was done. When I took a break and went into the kitchen for a snack, a chill went down my spine. I could never live in a world like JUNK; just the thought of it was quite terrifying. The book is great, and the thought of this marvel on film.... Oooo, I can’t wait! Bottom line — the characters were original, the story was entertaining, frightening, realistic and at times quite heart-wrenching. It blended together so well. JUNK is a bloody hit, man! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have myself a Charlotte Russe.” — Graham Armstrong, college freshman

JUNK is a profound and absurd tragicomedy, an engaging page-turner that reads like a film. Largen devours tough issues like morality, appetite, bigotry and bureaucracy with biting irreverence, and yet it is his characters who shine brightest. JUNK will entertain, intrigue and provoke, inspiring debate and exploration as humanity wrestles to define the relationship between health and public policy.” — Joe Camp, writer, producer, and director of the Benji films.

“A book specifically meant to be libertarian while taking an unorthodox tack is JUNK, by Christopher Largen. The book is interesting in its literary technique and in its approach. Largen takes the reader through fragmented, seemingly independent story lines and vignettes, tying them together as the book moves along. What makes this more interesting is that Largen writes very well, and very humorously. What makes it most interesting is that the stories all are fictionalized versions of actual events in the war on drugs in the US, though they are portrayed in the book as part of a fictional government war on junk food. JUNK is valuable to our choir because it can be used to persuade those who aren’t yet convinced. Largen covers his bases carefully – his characters use the same arguments, both moral and scientific, used today by supporters of the drug war. Read this book yourself because it’s fun and interesting, but to make it truly useful, be sure to give it to someone who’s sitting on the fence with regard to the drug war. It’s all fiction, but very convincing. It is a moral good to convince fence sitters that the drug war is evil.” — Brad Edmonds, author of There’s a Government in Your Soup

JUNK is a must-read for every starry-eyed activist. I couldn’t put it down! I was hooked from the first page, and I fear I may suffer withdrawal now that I've reached the end. It’s as compelling as Richard Bach’s Illusions, and as ominously foreboding as George Orwell's 1984.” — Erin Hildebrandt, Executive Director, Parents Ending Prohibition.

JUNK is an engrossing page-turner which had me hooked from beginning to end. Its narrative consists of three distinct storylines of a junk abuse counselor, a junk dealer and a police officer converges with the cathartic emotional intensity of a kick in the gut. These are not mere stereotypical cardboard cutouts, but three-dimensional characters trying to live life in a prohibitionist police state run amok: Where the price for security against one’s own bodily desires is the curtailment of civil liberties and where personal responsibility regarding decisions about how to live one’s own life is seen as dangerous. It’s satire which packs a ferocious punch, as it shows the deadly follies of the United States’ ‘War on SOME Drugs & SOME Terror’ and the therapeutic state, not only through the narratives, but also through the inclusion of letters and newspapers lifted from its own world, and just as great satirical social commentary should, mirrors our own with devastating accuracy. After all, after the ‘War on SOME Drugs & SOME Terror’ is ‘won’, what’s next?” — dr.bomb, Ph.D., editor of The ARID Site

JUNK is tragicomedy for thinking people. No partisan camp is immune from Largen’s wit and wisdom, and he takes no prisoners. It was only after pulmonary exhaustion quieted my laughter that I could discern the web of political, moral and personal issues that unite modern archetypes into a cohesive and frighteningly believable plot, set in a not too distant future.” — Dr. James Quinn, Professor of Addictions and Criminology, University of North Texas

“Brilliant! JUNK is satire at its best!” — Michael Constantine McConnell, author of Detroit Stories

JUNK is a classic comedy about America’s longest war in the style of Mark Twain or Will Rogers.” — Jack A. Cole, executive director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

“I loved this book so much that I will read it again! JUNK is a hilarious, horrifying, thought-provoking ride… So simple, yet so eloquent! Read JUNK at your first opportunity, but eat a snack first. It might be the last treat you’re ever allowed to swallow!” — George McMahon, co-author of Prescription Pot

“A brilliant mockumentary with frighteningly Orwellian dynamics… Packed with insight, irony, and no small dose of hilarity, JUNK seethes like a District Attorney who just lost a case on a technicality… Pick up a copy of JUNK to get a taste of Largen’s tongue-in-cheek but serious take on the nation’s war on drugs.” – Renee Vaughn Hayes, formerly editor of Venues Magazine

“Portraying the worst and best in my profession, JUNK demonstrates real possibilities for America. It is a wake up call to lovers of liberty.” — Officer Howard J. Wooldridge (retired), Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

JUNK is laugh out loud funny! The novel covers every angle of the drug war with insight and humor.” — Suzanne Wills, Drug Policy Forum of Texas

“I laughed and I cried! JUNK is beautiful! Mr. Largen possesses a talent to touch people in a way they can’t forget.” — Rhonda Cheatham, Florida Cannabis Action Network

JUNK is priceless... a wonderful character driven satire, simple and straightforward, a searing indictment of prohibition policies.” — Al Byrne, Patients Out of Time

JUNK is a hoot! Largen exposes the frailties and failings of the drug war with humor and glaring insights into the heart of prohibition. After reading this book, sweets will taste a little sweeter.” — Dean Becker, talk radio host, Cultural Baggage

JUNK is Vonnegut styled, ironical witty satire that laughs out loud at misguided causes… I cared about the characters… There’s not enough of this kind of clean, neat prose anymore. The message rang loud and clear but never screamed at me. Carry on, Mr. Largen!” — Leslie Miller, Books to Enjoy

JUNK is hilarious and tragic! I ate 2 bags of extra butter flavored popcorn by page 100! The editing is fantastic!” — Mike Smithson, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

JUNK leads you down a familiar path and then BOOM — natural thought patterns are jolted into the unfamiliar... JUNK is a mind-boggling realization, a very imaginative approach toward a very real issue.” — Dr. Juliet Getty, Professor of Nutrition, University of North Texas

"Fast-paced... a scathing look at prohibition policies... covers the spectrum. The men and women in JUNK are recognizable yet compelling... a powerful message...entertaining... worth picking up... a fun, light read... hilarious." - Leah Anderson, The Gateway, Canada


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