Friday, January 27, 2006

Steve Kubby Sick in Jail After Arrest at SF Airport

In a prohibition-free nation, law enforcement and judicial resources could be divested and focused on taking (and keeping) violent criminals off the street. But the public (and public safety) is simply not served by medical marijuana patient Steve Kubby's imprisonment. The District Attorney might claim this is simply enforcement of the law, but if that's true, then the law needs changing. Besides, the DA chose to prioritize this case. Does he care more about power than people?

I wonder how many child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, spouse batterers, murderers and terrorists will be free in Placer County for the next six months, while Steve Kubby sits in jail, denied his medicine, getting sicker and sicker.


Steve Kubby was arrested by a dozen police immediately upon landing at the San Francisco airport and has been whisked off to the Redwood City jail. A welcoming party of supporters and media were disappointed to discover that he had been spirited away out of sight through a back entrance.

"I'm really sick already," Kubby said from jail two hours afterwards, "I'm gonna start puking my brains out." He says his guards laughed at him when he requested Marinol. Kubby says he hasn't had marijuana for half a day and has begun to experience all of the symptoms of his life-threatening disease - nausea, headaches, swollen kidneys. He has chills and has not been able to get a blanket from the guards. "They don't understand that they're dealing with someone with cancer," he says.

Kubby is upset that he was arrested immediately off the plane, when he had offered to turn himself in voluntarily in Placer County on Tuesday. San Francisco airport police said that they had arrested him at the request of Placer County authorities. They said Kubby will be arraigned in court tomorrow morning, though it wasn't clear where - in Redwood City, where he is being detained, or in Placer County. Kubby did not even know where he was being detained when he called California NORML.

Aside from his inhumane medical treatment, Kubby says police have treated him politely. He embarked on his trip in good spirits in the hopes of finally resolving his fight with the law.


Kubby's attorney, Bill McPike, urges supporters to call on the Placer County authorities to release Kubby immediately.

Please contact: Bradford R. Fenocchio
Placer County District Attorney
(530) 889-7000(530) 889-7129 fax
to voice your disapproval over Steve Kubby's inhumane treatment.

- D. Gieringer
California NORML
(415) 563-5858
2215-R Market St. #278
San Francisco CA 94114


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