Monday, January 30, 2006

Rant N' Roll

America holds tremendous value for the world, particularly through the ideals which are espoused through the smudged print of its brittle constitution. But I feel great sorrow and anger when I consider that principles such as personal liberty and responsibility are treated as antiquated relics or impediments to "getting the job done", and are harnessed as sound-bite opportunities for political gain in a tainted system. Many of our so-called representatives have sold the interests and civil liberties of the people down the river, as if they were livestock to be traded.

Some fear-mongering politicians claim we must choose between liberty and security. They advocate warrantless wiretapping, specious wars (on drugs, Iraq, obesity - pick your flavor), and torture. Though they know our courts are imperfect (innocent people are often convicted), they support the death penalty (none dare call it murder), even for nonviolent (though ethically repugnant) crimes such as drug smuggling. They have built the world's largest prison system, incarcerating a higher percentage of the population than any nation on earth, in the name of a war on drugs to "protect the children", while simultaneously releasing thousands of child predators, rapists and killers onto our streets. These corrupt officials act like latent pedophiles, treating their constituents like children and then looking for any excuse to put their hands all over them, even inside them, "for our own good". They have attempted to mechanize humanity. And this is happening right here, in the "land of the free". We don't even own our own bodies anymore. It seems that slavery was not abolished after all, it merely became more covert.

The chickens have finally come home to roost, and the wolves are in our hen house. The pigs may be eating from gold-encrusted plates, but they can't hide their stench. Though America is the world's longest existing democratic republic, the citizenry must remain vigilant against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The founding forefathers did not include constitutional protections to protect us from foreign invaders, but from tyrants that might ascend within our own government. Now those protections are methodically being rendered impotent, one by one, by pigs who've seized the palace.

Wake up, people! Our nation is in crisis! Sound the alarms! Bury your remote controls! Forget the Superbowl and "reality" shows! Put down your booze, your tabloids, and your toilet seats! Call your senators! If you must gripe, do it to the right people! Who cares if the Liberty Bell is cracked? I bet the sucker still rings! Congress needs an enema! Take to the streets, raise your voices, and use your votes this November to flush these corrupt officials like royal turds!


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