Sunday, January 08, 2006

Majority of Republicans Support Warrantless Wiretaps

A new Associated Press poll indicates that two-thirds of Republicans and one-fourth of Democrats want the President to be able to wiretap private conversations on American phones without probable cause or judicial oversight. President Bush wholeheartedly agrees. So much for that pesky little oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

The next time you make an overseas call or send an international E-mail, you might consider taking a moment to greet any federal agents who might be monitoring your private communications. After all, those agents are people too, and it must be an arduous job to monitor all your innocuous conversations. Just to be extra safe, you might throw out a "God bless America". Otherwise those agents might suspect you of being a terrorist, or worse yet, a marijuana smoker, even a supporter of Greenpeace, heaven forbid! Remember, don't use the words "Jihad" or "Osama", especially in conjunction with "Paris Hilton", which may be accidentally interpreted by Orwell's rooting swine as a codified message to potential hostiles.


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