Sunday, January 22, 2006

JUNK Review - David Brensilver

"Christopher Largen's use of a War on Junk as an allegory for the War on Drugs is particularly successful at reminding us that what might seem, on its face, absurd, is no more absurd than the reality of certain blemishes on the face of American society. We know the idea that chocolate causes acne is a myth, just as we know that chocolate is not a gateway to more dangerous foods, such as the combination of ingredients that was my artery-clogging breakfast this morning. If marijuana is a so-called gateway, it is only a gateway to the foods made illegal in Junk. However, marijuana is illegal. The gateway to that dangerous bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in your pantry is closed, while alcohol, tobacco and firearms remain as legal as a tossed-salad, regulated for your safety. After all, we know that, individually and certainly in combination, alcohol, tobacco and firearms couldn't possibly be the gateway to anything dangerous. Largen's Junk is a must read for anyone not already a member of the choir. So, have a bacon cheeseburger and dive into Largen's satire. Or, try to convince yourself that the right gateways are secured for your own safety."

David A. Brensilver
Author of ExecTV, published in 2005 by ENC Press


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