Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Clueless Police Fail to Save Child Hostage

WARNING: The following blog entry contains photos that are disturbing and graphic. These images are not included for the purpose of sensationalism or gratuitous revelry. But awareness can empower, and I believe that turning away from the harsh reality is dishonoring to the child victim.

Here's another example of "collateral damage" incurred from the so-called war on drugs, a war that fails to protect society, least of all the children.

These terrifying photos from a bus station in Manila are the types of images that some people would prefer to be swept under the rug. However, this brutal event may have never occurred were it not for prohibition, if drug treatment centers were as readily available as prisons, if addicts were not pushed underground by fear of being criminalized, if police officers had as much training in handling hostage situations as they do in searching for illegal drugs, if more revenue was expended on securing the public transportation depots, rather than monitoring and sanctioning consensual behavior. Police observed this unstable man as he stabbed his child hostage at least 13 times. Then the cops shot both the psychopathic kidnapper and his 4 year-old hostage, right in front of the child's mother.


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