Saturday, December 31, 2005

This Message May Be Monitored By Bush

When an American president admits to violating fundamental constitutional priniciples and usurping judicial authority by ordering wiretaps without warrants or oversight, it is the duty of the citizenry, regardless of partisan affiliation, to express ther grievances.

If you think illegal wiretapping and E-mail monitoring without judicial oversight is a crying shame in the U.S., then copy and forward this message widely. Show the administration what you think of police state politics by proliferating this string of keywords that could potentially be flagged by the National Security Administration. If enough people participate in this renegade effort, it could send out a collective shout loud enough to deafen Big Brother's eavesdropping ears. Have fun and add your own words!

Happy New Year from

Osama Bin Laden
White House
Saddam Hussein
Suicide Bomber
Dirty Bomb
Pipe Bomb
Nuclear Bomb
Drug Policy Reform
Civil Liberties
Paris Hilton
Sponge Bob

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Open Letter to Denver Post

Regarding the editorial, "Marijuana Push is for All the Wrong Reasons"...

Denver Post editors refer derisively to the majority of voters in the city as "the group that passed Denver's pot initiative last month". The editors dismiss the "phony" public safety arguments of Initiative 100 backers. Are they unaware that our nation has tens of thousands of convicted child molesters and rapists who received either no jail time for their violent crimes, or lighter sentences than marijuana "offenders"?

Denver Post editors claim they would place credence in studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. However, since 1978, NIDA has cultivated and distributed marijuana to several patients with conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Nail Patella Syndrome, bone tumors, and glaucoma ( Yet in 28 years of the program's existence, NIDA has not performed a single clinical or empirical research study on the patients receiving the federal marijuana. This is in spite of the fact that all of the federal patients' doctors have repeatedly noted a significant relief of symptoms with few side effects when compared with pharmaceutical alternatives. NIDA refuses to approve any study designed to determine benefits from marijuana, only funding studies intended to find harm (see my book written with one of the federal patients, Prescription Pot). Since NIDA has repeatedly politicized science, why would Denver Post editors expect accurate information from them?

Perhaps the editors should rely less on the government prohibitionists for their "facts". Maybe they would be interested to know that in 2004, in Lisbon, Portugal, home of the Euro Soccer Tournament between the UK and France, the city police allowed marijuana to be possessed and used in the arena, while posting alcohol breathalyzers at the front gates, to turn away drunks ( For the first time ever, there was not a single fight or arrest at this event. The city of Lisbon, however, made hundreds of arrests during the tournament, all down in the bar districts where the rejected drunks went to watch the game. Additionally, most police officers on the street will attest that the majority of assaults, sexual, domestic and otherwise, involve alcohol, not marijuana.

Of course this is anecdotal evidence of marijuana's calming effects as opposed to alcohol's tendency to make people violent. But this anecdote is backed up with science. Studies have repeatedly shown that marijuana does not stimulate the aggression centers of the brain (alcohol does).

The majority of Denver voters who supported Initiative 100 deserve respect and fair coverage, not insults and condescension.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Please Search Me, Officer

As an author and speaker, I travel several times a year. Security is important to me when I fly, so I never bothered to feel too upset on those occassions when my luggage was rummaged by Transportation Security Administration. Besides, I found it entertaining. Perhaps Big Brother had run his fingers across my underwear, or snagged a quick splash of my cologne for his date at the end of his shift. Maybe he was perplexed by my eye-catching marijuana-themed t-shirts. Regardless, I could always count on him to deposit a friendly little slip of paper notifying me of his search, tucked between my stage props and issues of Cannabis Culture Magazine.

So I got to thinkin'... With all the greed, corruption and dirty war money currently corroding the American system, wouldn't it be possible for just one turncoat TSA official to secretly plant a kilo of cocaine in my suitcase, in order to "discover" it, so officials could haul me off to the slammer to serve a mandatory minimum sentence that dwarfs those meted out to some murderers? Granted, I suspect the vast majority of TSA employees are probably decent citizens who would never do such a thing. But what if I happened to get real unlucky? All it takes is one bad apple.

My solution to this potential snag is simple... When I travel by plane in the future, I will insist that TSA officials search my luggage, right in front of me, before I leave my bags in their tender loving care. If the officials ever appear perplexed by my requests, I will tell them I just want to be safe. After all, I trust Big Brother's hands in my Fruit of the Looms about as much as I trust a pervert with his paws down my pants.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Drug Cartels Hiring Hit Men in U.S.

Regarding E. Eduardo Castillo's recent alarming article "Drug Cartels Recruiting Hit Men in U.S."...

The cartel thugs don't mind if our officials catch 10-15% of their drug shipments, so long as our policies make the other 90% of their product worth it's weight in gold. Consider that it costs the U.S. Government 30 cents per ounce to cultivate marijuana for NIDA's Investigational New Drug program, which supplies seven patients with medical cannabis. On the street that same ounce could fetch $100-500, depending on the strain of cannabis and the region in which it was sold. Therefore, prohibition has helped create a system by which a criminal could invest $5,000 and become a millionaire. Is it any wonder that violence is spreading over our borders?

Our current drug policies enrich violent mobsters who divest financial resources to terrorists and turn our streets into battlefields. In the end our children are the real losers, as they inherit an internationally-based drug economy with no age restrictions that can be placed on distribution (black market dealers don't ask for ID like alcohol and tobacco sellers). Our kids have quick and easy access to illegal products with no quality or purity control, in the world's leading incarceration nation, where pedophiles serve lighter sentences than drug offenders. So much for that purportedly laudable goal of the DEA, "protecting the children".

A "drug-free" America would be nice. So would a stairway to heaven, yet we don't see our representatives funding that boondoggle. Perhaps they will finally learn from the brutal lessons of alcohol prohibition, and follow the lead of progressive nations that support rational policies designed to decrease violence and provide actual control over the product.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

DEA Agent Shoots Self In Foot During Safety Lecture

This is old news, but I've included it because it's an excellent metaphorical example of the drug war. Fight drugs with guns. Shoot self in foot. Place foot in mouth. Any questions?

Take a moment to check out the video of this appalling incident. The audience seems stunned and frightened. Notice the young child being escorted from the facility after the agent, having shot himself in the foot, proceeds to pull out another gun. As if bullets were less deadly than a marijuana cigarette.