Thursday, December 22, 2005

Drug Cartels Hiring Hit Men in U.S.

Regarding E. Eduardo Castillo's recent alarming article "Drug Cartels Recruiting Hit Men in U.S."...

The cartel thugs don't mind if our officials catch 10-15% of their drug shipments, so long as our policies make the other 90% of their product worth it's weight in gold. Consider that it costs the U.S. Government 30 cents per ounce to cultivate marijuana for NIDA's Investigational New Drug program, which supplies seven patients with medical cannabis. On the street that same ounce could fetch $100-500, depending on the strain of cannabis and the region in which it was sold. Therefore, prohibition has helped create a system by which a criminal could invest $5,000 and become a millionaire. Is it any wonder that violence is spreading over our borders?

Our current drug policies enrich violent mobsters who divest financial resources to terrorists and turn our streets into battlefields. In the end our children are the real losers, as they inherit an internationally-based drug economy with no age restrictions that can be placed on distribution (black market dealers don't ask for ID like alcohol and tobacco sellers). Our kids have quick and easy access to illegal products with no quality or purity control, in the world's leading incarceration nation, where pedophiles serve lighter sentences than drug offenders. So much for that purportedly laudable goal of the DEA, "protecting the children".

A "drug-free" America would be nice. So would a stairway to heaven, yet we don't see our representatives funding that boondoggle. Perhaps they will finally learn from the brutal lessons of alcohol prohibition, and follow the lead of progressive nations that support rational policies designed to decrease violence and provide actual control over the product.


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