Monday, November 21, 2005

Son of Hate Mail

As Bill Hicks once said, "Who'da thunk it?" I come home from a busy day and get this little whipper-snapper messin' up my inbox...

as usual more leftist rhetoric, go back to your bong hippie

I think, Who in the hell did I piss off now? Sounds like somebody who thinks they know me but doesn't. After all, I'm no leftist, and I'm more of a Yippie then a hippie. Whoever it is, they're insinuating that I'm committing a crime. And they never even said hello.

I click on the link of the sender, and sure enough, there's a photo of Bubba, a whopping man dressed in hunter camouflage, squatting on an overstuffed sofa while a brown lab paws at his crotch. He's lookin' like a lard turd up a whale's ass, in a living room with retro decor that reminds me of my grandmother's old house at 1733 Vinewood St in Ft. Worth, Texas. Seems Bubba has rustled him uppa website called Good American, a blog purportedly about "truth, justice and the American way". Bubba evidently worships at the bloody shrine of Tom Delay, and spits chaw juice in my guestbook.

I promise to go back to my bong, Bubba. Just as soon as you lock up your fridge, your flag and your white sheet. Mess with this bull, you'll get the horns. And to show I'm a fair sport, here's fifteen minutes of fame for you...


Blogger Banana Slug said...

That's actually my brother in the photo (no, I'm not kidding). To give him his due, I'm pretty sure 'Good American' is meant at least somewhat ironically.
The whole back to your bong thing, I'm pretty sure was meant as an attempt at humor (I wouldn't mention his bong here or anything).
Anyway, he's actually a funny guy and quite personable. I don't know what exchange the two of you had, but I did want to stick up for my "kin" (also, I am not southern, although he has since ceded his Yankee upbringing).
Can't we all just learn to get along?
Liked your blog, by the way.

3:01 PM  
Blogger defjef from the far left said...

cant we all just get a bong?

4:33 PM  

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