Friday, November 18, 2005

"Protecting" the Children: Part 1

Riddle me this...

If our legislators really want to keep dangerous drugs out of the hands of children, why are they pursuing policies that make it much easier for children to obtain these drugs?

Example... A fifteen year-old boy goes into a convenience store to buy beer and cigarettes, but the clerk won't sell to him because he lacks a legitimate ID (as is required in a regulated market). That boy leaves the store and walks across the parking lot, money in hand. The teen is immediately approached by a local drug dealer, who is more than happy to sell him all the marijuana, cocaine and heroin he wants. No ID? No problem. After all, anything goes in a black market.

In the meantime, our leaders (who are addicted to power and money) continue to support destructive prohibition policies, all in the name of "protecting" our children.


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