Thursday, November 03, 2005

Opposing Viewpoints: Marijuana

Good news! I just learned that one of my essays is featured in the book Opposing Viewpoints: Marijuana, part of the esteemed series that presents multiple sides of controversial issues. The book is available in libraries and bookstores across the nation. I'm honored to be featured with Dr. Ethan Russo, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Ethan Nadelmann, Keith Stroup, and Dan Savage! Opposing me in the book are morality monarch William Bennett, Drug Czar John Walters and DEA Administrator Karen Tandy. I share my account of being the youngest therapeutic user of cannabis on record in this nation, and I explore the federal marijuana program, which Walters and Tandy don't discuss publicly, as it contradicts the simplistic party line of their respective agencies. And in case you haven't noticed, the CORPGOV media outlets aren't covering the program either.

Had Walters and Tandy known of my first cannabis use at the age of two, would they have thrown me in jail? Nah. They probably would have imprisoned my parents for giving it to me, then tossed my brother and I into the brutal state foster care system, where we could be "cared for" by unqualified burger-flippers paid $5.50 an hour to give us "good" FDA-approved amphetamines and antidepressants, place us in restraints, abuse us, and keep us under control until we were old enough to ship off to jail for using illegal substances (where many foster kids wind up as adults, go figure). All in the name of "protecting the children". Reminds me of George Orwell's sheep. "Legal drugs good, illegal drugs baaaaaaaaaaad!"

In this book, Drug Czar Walters claims, "smoked marijuana has no medical value", and yet the U.S. Government's very own DEA-approved medical cannabis program requires their patients to smoke raw cannabis, and only from a paper tube (for lay persons, a joint). All of the federal patients have received medical benefit from this plant, as their doctors have attested time and time again in their medical reviews, but the government has never performed or published a single study on these individuals receiving the government marijuana. If have a feeling Walters knows this, but isn't talking. He's got pleanty of lies and ad hominum attacks to fall back on though.

Don't sweat too hard, Czar Walters. There will still be a revenue trough once drug prohibition is repealed. Just think, won't it be wonderful?! You will have fewer enemies (at home and abroad). You won't have to worry about the D.A.R.E. program - doctors, family members and recovering addicts are better equipped than cops to give children accurate information about drugs. Your job will get easier. There will be no more cartellions to fight, less bloodshed. No more Kiki Camarenas. Your DEA officials will finally be able to focus resources on regulating production, reducing diversion, enforcing fees and taxes, and preventing distribution of drugs to minors. But if you can't even regulate the product, why incarcerate people for using it? After all, prohibition can't even keep illegal drugs out of the federal prisons. Even with all the security you provide, there will still be staff willing to make a quick buck on the side. It's the capitalist ethos in action. Oh yeah, Czar Walters, one more thing for the record. I don't get a check from George Soros (or Lewis, Sperling, Kampia and company)- and never will, so long as there are strings attached to the cash. Believe it or not, I have too much self-respect to let somebody else call my political shots.

Oh well... At least I know Czar Walters has a sense of humor. Can't you tell by this joyful photo, folks? Gosh, it must feel great to be so moral(istic)!


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