Thursday, November 03, 2005

JUNK Review - Gatewood Galbraith

Here is a review from a man I respect immensely, who authored one of my favorite books ever, The Last Free Man in America Meets the Synthetic Subversion, an entertaining and informative biography that stands as a classic example of what one man can accomplish in defense of a beloved constitution.

"It took me a while to read JUNK because, on every page, I cried until I laughed and found reason after reason to do it again. This is word-smithing of high caliber in a language created by the New World Order and hi-jacked and homespun by Mr. Largen into a masterpiece of irony and wit. It ought to be required reading for every high school freshman." - Gatewood Galbraith, author, attorney, revolutionary, and independent candidate


Anonymous Michael said...

Amazing what pops up when you're just hitting the scrolling updates at!
I have known Gatewood for somewhere around 15 years or so. When I lived in Kentucky I voted on a consistant basis for Gatewood in any election he ran in. Talked with him whenever I could and more than once looked in my rear view while driving somewhere and saw Gatewood behind me toking a doob and going somewhere else.
The year he ran Gatewoodstock was a memorable year and an introduction to industrial hemp like I had never seen before.
He is a singular man and a rare personality.

3:36 PM  
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