Tuesday, November 01, 2005

JUNK Review - The Capital Times

Friday, October 28, 2005
By Mary Bergin The Capital Times
Madison, WI

You likely have met the food police and -- Good God! -- may even be one of them. This is all about them, and you.

As the Halloween candy groveling begins, and sugar levels spike, it seems fitting to introduce the odd, entertaining and cloying presence of "Junk" by Christopher Largen ($17.95, ENC Press). It's a sugar high in words.

The author -- whose writing credits include the Village Voice, High Times and the Nashville Scene -- spins out a gluttonous assortment of short stories that all deal with attempts to control or eliminate our intake of junk food.

We read of junk food locker searches, junk food dealers, junk food urine tests and legislation to make the food pyramid a mandatory diet. Largen conjures up a new type of prohibition that turns chocolate pudding, Girl Scout cookies and Twinkie wrappers into contraband with extremely sobering consequences.


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