Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scary Halloween For Child Molesters

The State of New Jersey is imposing innovative restrictions on child molesters this Halloween, to prevent unsupervised contact between pedophiles and trick-or-treaters.

I believe these regulations may lull parents into a false sense of security - after all, the best way to protect your children is to actually BE THERE with them when they go door to door (novel concept). Big Brother doesn't come close to catching every know who every child abuser is (the government doesn't even catch all the child murderers). The vast majority of child abusers escape conviction, and some who are convicted are actually innocent - though it may act like God at times, the state isn't perfect. Many predators work their dirty deeds beneath the radar. Parents cannot rely on government officials to protect their kids. Not in a hurricane, and not on Halloween.

You can bet your kernel-corn candy that I would be standing right next to my munchkins on October 31st, even if it meant I had to throw on my faux prison gear and my Dunkin Donuts shirt and pretend to be a junk food junkie.

To sexual abusers of children bemoaning the loss of their Halloween rights, let me make this perfectly clear. You used children to gratify your selfish needs for power and sex. The trick is on you, and you get no treat. You should be grateful to still be alive with your freedom. Stop complaining, before I unleash Christopher Lee's Dracula on you.


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