Saturday, October 08, 2005

Revolution Rant

Remember that overplayed pop/country ditty?

"I'm proud to be an American, where officials chant "drug-free",
Where goose-steppin', gut-retchin' steel-toed thugs stomp all over me.
When I try to stand UP, they knock me down and torch Lady Liberty,
Cause they believe In God We Trust, and not humanity!"

I think I might be remembering the words wrong. Can you think of a verse? Do share.

Okay... Before anybody accuses me of being a "bleedin' heart lib'ral" (like the reactionary hothead a few weeks back), I'll state (yet again) that I'm not a partisan. I toe no line, other than the one my conscience provides. I don't know about you, but my conscience tells me that when your leaders claim to get their killin' orders from God, when they've declared a "culture war" against "evildoers", when power addicts (both Republican and Democrat) subvert the principles of a democratic republic to line their pockets, when violent child predators roam the streets and nonviolent marijuana users languish in prison, when police officers clamp battery wires to the testicles of your fellow citizens (true story, keep reading this blog), when officials place hurricane survivors in a massive, violent toilet called the Superdome (aka Superdumb), when when you don't know what you can do about it, sometimes it feels good to just laugh your ass off. Laughter is a much more empowering reaction to injustice than the depression, despair, and detached apathy engendered by mainstream media moguls. Don't you think?

That being said, I'm truly a sensitive, empathetic man. So if I've offended you with my First Amendment antics, I'm thrilled! Just follow orders, turn on your CORPGOV TV and jerk your gherkin in mom's famous cherry pie like it's junk food. Thank you, and have a nice day!

God bless the writers who make us laugh at ourselves, like Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, and Hunter S. Thompson. Or comedian Bill Hicks, who once boasted that he was "proud to be an American" because his parents happened to have sex there.

Sometimes the only way to deal with a tyrant is to resist peacefully if possible, and revolt if necessary. Some of you will undoubtedly claim I'm an extremist, but the right to rebel was basic and vital to our nation's founding. It is a fundamental (not fundamentalistic) part of our history and heritage. For the record, I abhor violence. But I also recognize that we passed the point of peace a long time ago. Too many people have already died in the streets of our nation (and others), due to misguided policies that have exacerbated and compounded the aggregate suffering of the world citizenry, and reduced our constitution to an antiquated relic.

Artists are (once again) turning to creative expression as a nonviolent means of protesting policies they feel are destructive. Many have compared Bush to Adolph Hitler (in fairness, there are both critical differences and alarming similarities between the two). I ask you, is this extreme? Or is it just the unbearable likeness of being?


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