Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pediatric Pot

I delivered both my children with my own trembling hands (and a little help from my wife). I consider myself to be a good father, all things considered.

During the writing of Prescription Pot, our family spent a great deal of time at George McMahon’s home. George receives legal marijuana, cultivated and distributed by the United States Government. The federal research protocol requires him to smoke 10 cannabis cigarettes each day, to treat symptoms of pain, spasms and nausea. That’s quite a bit of smoke floating in the air, so I had questions regarding possible effects on children in the immediate environment.

I consulted with a pediatrician (who shall remain anonymous). I told her about George and the federal program, and asked her if I should be concerned as a parent. She shut the door to her office, turned to me and said, “Look… I used to smoke marijuana, all the way through medical school, in fact. I think the government is blowing the whole issue way out of proportion.”

I sat there stunned.

She continued, “So does George smoke tobacco cigarettes?”

I nodded.

“Inside his home?”

I nodded again.

“Now that I would be concerned with. Make sure your children get plenty of fresh air. Keep the air circulated. And try to give your kids some outside time while you’re at George’s house.”

My children have since spent many weekends at George’s house, and not once have they shown any effect from the smoke. No coughing or sneezing. No euphoria, or disorientation. No munchies.

No problem.

Hmmm... That's strange. The effects were nothing like the government-sponsored "educational material" from the mid-1900's. You reckon Uncle Sam could be - lying to the people about this herb?


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