Monday, October 17, 2005

Laura Bush Forgets the Name of Hurricane Katrina

Isn't it sad when the First Lady of the United States can't even remember the name of the storm that killed hundreds of her fellow Americans? Maybe she caught a nasty case of Alzheimer's from Ronald Reagan. Or perhaps it was short-term memory loss related to exogenous cannabinoids (marijuana smoke), from the federal government's herb-garden at Ole Miss. Oh well. She doesn't have to worry too much. That grand old White House sure is warm and dry. Nobody's looting there. Except perhaps the tenants.

As Mrs. Bush proselytizes parents displaced by Katrina (that's right, Laura, Ka-Tri-Na), false empathy oozes from her photo-op antics. With a Big Momma like this one, who needs a Big Brother? See the painful video footage HERE.


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fukken whore

another reason i hate white people

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