Thursday, October 13, 2005

KKK Story - Part 1

In the early 90s, I spent a couple of years protesting the Ku Klux Klan. During this time my car was vandalized, I was physically assaulted, and I was threatened more than once. But I accumulated some wild and hilarious experiences along the way.

I remember how a self-proclaimed "minister of the lord" approached me at a rally in the city square of Tyler, Texas, where I was the sole Klan protester. The preacher wore a conservative business suit and tie, a button with the Aryan Cross printed on it, and the smile of a used car salesman. He looked at me with reasonable, pleading eyes and said, "Please understand our message, son. We're not saying God hates black people. We're just saying that God doesn't love black people."

Oh no, I thought, another one of those "Jeezus was a skinhead" wackos. I grinned and said, "That's an important distinction. I guess that makes you a moderate then, huh?"

The minister stopped smiling and said, "You better watch yourself, boy. Somebody's liable to grab that megaphone hangin' 'round your neck and smash it."

I turned to a police officer in a cowboy hat, who stood about four feet from us, and asked, "Did you hear him threaten me?"

The officer looked at me with steely eyes. There was a pregnant pause. Then the officer slowly shook his head and said, "I didn't hear a thing."

I knew the officer was lying to my face, and it gave me a chill. It sure felt reassuring to have dependable police protection while I was surrounded by Nazis, Skinheads, and thugs in white sheets. I turned and walked back to my car, parked three blocks away, and the officer followed me every step. As I got into my car, he tipped his hat and said, "Have a nice day."

Once I got out of there, I sure enough did. A real fine day, in fact.


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White power!!!

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Tyler is still exactly as you described it: racist, backwards and proud of their ignorance. The only difference is they hide it behind thinly veiled, politically correct speech. The actions are still as discriminatory and the prevailing cultures are still as parted as ever. It will be interesting when the white prejudice Christians arrive in heaven only to leave soon after they discover it is not segregated.

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White Pride World Wide

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Tyler NSM
Po box 9353 Tyler TX, 75711
The National Socialist Movement
"America's Nazi party"

Take a stand for your contry.

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