Sunday, October 09, 2005

JUNK Review - The Arkansas Traveler

As an author, I've come across all types of critics. Though most reviewers are legitimate, some are charlatans who profit from reselling books they requested but never had any intention of reviewing. Some write reviews of books they have not even read. Some are intellectual elitists who feel power by writing unnecessarily harsh critiques. However, many reviewers step forward with feedback that is truly insightful, acknowledging nuances of subtext, character and metaphor.

This JUNK review excerpt is from Rebecca Perlow, contributing writer to The Arkansas Traveler...

"An inventive parody...The slant of the book is not against healthy choices, but rather the elimination of choice. Largen displays a keen awareness of the media, how it shapes culture and it's relationship with government agenda. The book could have its own soundtrack album... The excesses of authorities on both sides of the social and political fence are explored and maintains its humorous edge...consistently entertaining."

Glad you enjoyed it, Rebecca. Thanks for your insights.


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