Monday, October 24, 2005

JUNK Review - Andrew Thomas Breslin

Andrew Thomas Breslin, health food afficianado and author of the rich and creamy Mother's Milk, had this to say...

"Junk is gold! Funny, thought provoking, well paced, well written. I read it the way one eats potato chips and was done before I knew it (though without the accompanying indigestion). I found the use of various food-related songs especially amusing, (Fat Bottomed Girls, The Candy Man, etc) as well as the parodies of organizations (National Organization for the Reform of Muffin Laws was the best).

"There is a scene in this alternate-universe version of a head shop that any of my fellow 420 enthusiasts could not help but enjoy, especially if they are chowing down on doritos in a post-smoke munch-out. I love the way the scruffy tie-dyed thespians in those shops will show you a 4-foot grafix bong and with a straight face insist that it's for tobacco and legal herbs only. Extended brocolli tongs. Heh heh. Yeah right, junkie.

"I'm actually a bit of a health-food enthusiast, and I liked the way the book gave more than a nod to the fact that junk of all kinds (food, drugs, etc) can be very bad and we shouldn't ignore that, but that prohibitionist approaches are doomed to abysmal failure.

"That's all for now. My Grafix legal herb smoking device calls."


Blogger Andrew Breslin said...

I feel a little strange, leaving a comment for a dead man. I really did love Junk and while I never met Chris in person, I had some limited correspondence with him and he seemed like a great guy, taken from this world too soon. I forgot I had written the review here but in case anyone else stumbles across this: go ahead and buy a copy of Junk. You can get it from the publisher at

RIP Chris Largen

9:58 AM  

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