Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Halloween Chick Lit

It's almost Halloween, so get those cats fattened for the sacrifice, and break out some blood red sidewalk chalk to draw pentagrams for the devil. Make sure you've got plenty of razor blades for those Snickers bars - the kids will eat them up! Didn't you know? Halloween isn't just about dressing up and having a few laughs. It's a diabolical plot by Satan to control the innocent minds of children!!!

Don't believe me? Just ask the number one authorities, those historically hysterical reactionaries at Chick Bible Tracts.

Go ahead, check it out. It's the scariest Halloween "literature" since "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". And in honor of JUNK, it even features dangerous drugs put into candy bars...

Boo? Boo-hoo. Chick lit ain't just for chicks anymore.


Blogger defjef from the far left said...

yo i hope someone puts drugs in my candy bar

free drugs!

5:06 AM  

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