Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Constipation Cops

When federal agents force U.S. citizens to ingest laxatives and submit to strip searches, x-rays, and anal/vaginal cavity searches, without any cause other than suspicion of drug activity, they need to be sued. Federal agents have no right to root around in your feces, without probable cause or consent. The poor old lady in this appalling case won $450,000 (in my opinion, this paltry amount falls way short of justice).

If this type of invasive assault happened to one of my family members, I would feel like throttling the people who performed the procedure. This incident amounts to nothing more than state-sanctioned rape.

Yesterday's papers? Sure. But it's news you likely never heard. This story was conveniently junked by the national media. Guess the mainstream press shys away from discussing bowel movements. Or perhaps it couldn't make it past the CORP-GOV censors. Surprise, surprise.

One thing is certain. The next time I'm feeling, you know, irregular, I'm calling the Roto-Rooters at U.S. Customs...


Blogger The Baxter said...

once beaten to a funny fucking story!

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