Monday, September 05, 2005

Writer's Kharma

I'm sitting here in Kharma Cafe in Denton, TX. It's like a scene from Amsterdam, smack in the middle of Bush country. I'm surrounded by tobacco smoke, coffee grinds, textbooks, show flyers, and alternative newsweeklies, obligatory trappings of life on the slack. I've frequented this place thoughout the last decade, watching it evolve through multiple transmutations of style and architecture, studying the transient crowds who seek its refuge. It's sacred and hallowed space, a home away from home.

I attach headphones to a laptop, and listen to an Internet radio site called Secret Surfer. It's a mix of lounge, surf, and spy music. The current title on the playlist is Bedrock Twitch, from the early days of the Flinstones. It's cheese at its finest, certainly preferable to braodcast radio playlists.

Bohemian stereotypes aside, cafes have nurtured writers for centuries, before it was ever considered chic to sip a bold Columbian roast from a styrofoam cup while reading Allen Ginsburg. Today, coffee houses are meeting places for liberals and libertarians alike.

Five miles away from this latte haven, in a Baptist summer camp, sit approximately 300 refugees from Hurricane Katrina, who were bused to north Texas from New Orleans. The camp is in dire need of volunteers. I heard that drug dogs sniffed the survivors as they exited their buses. Welcome to Denton.

But in fairness, this didn't just occur here in my hometown. Reports from New Orleans indicate that security forces performed drug searches on the weary refugees who obeyed their government officials by seeking to enter the Superdome. Unfortunately, there were insufficient law enforcement resources to prevent young children from being raped once they were inside. Did emergency officials prioritize "sending the right message" over promoting public safety? Or is this just another day in our government's failed war on certain drugs?

Oh shit, I forgot! The parking meter! Gotta jet!


Blogger defjef from the far left said...

nice to see the priorities
drug dogs
child rapes
maybe these dogs should be used for something else... like fire wood or food for the hungry,
or protecting little kids!

4:29 PM  

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