Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sucker for JUNK

I sit in my home office, surrounded by manilla envelopes stuffed with postcards, press releases, and copies of JUNK. Tomorrow I will enclose a contraband sucker in each one, lick enough glue-strips to make me sick, and ship them off to eager reviewers in four nations.

Then comes the hard part. The waiting. Wondering. Hoping.

It's tough to send a piece of yourself to complete strangers, especially ones who hold the future of your book in their hands. Review copies are like shots in the dark. You might think you hit your target - then realize you blew your toes off.

I sent a digital copy of JUNK to the editor of Professional Candy Buyers Magazine, a trade journal for confectionary salesmen. He initially seemed excited about the prospect of reviewing the book - then I never heard back from him. Perhaps he was offended by the idea of candy being outlawed as an addictive substance. Perhaps he was afraid the book will give Big Brother ideas for a new public policy flavor-of-the-month. Maybe he just thought the book sucked. Nah. He was probably just pissed that I couldn't send him a sucker with the PDF file. Junk food junkies can become pretty nasty when they don't get their grub.


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