Friday, September 16, 2005

Raped in Texas

Don't get busted south of the Red River, folks, or you're likely to take a big one for the home tag-team.

Human Rights Watch claims Texas has the highest rate of prison rape in the United States. You've got better odds running the hurricane gauntlet at the Louisiana Superdome (aka Superdumb). Might as well be Iraq.


Anonymous Chris said...

On your article you referred to:
"Prison Sex Slave Trial Set to Begin in Texas" I noticed it did not say why that guy was in prison to begin with. Was he a murderer, rapist, what????

Poor thing...maybe if he hadn't committed a crime, he wouldn't have to worry about this problem because he wouldn't be in prison in the first place.

Sorry, they get no sympathy from me. It is already bad enough they get so many rights now. Prisoners get a free college education...hmmmm..I had to pay for mine. Guess I should have killed someone so I could go to prison and get educated for free.

Check out this site:

THAT is what should happen to prisoners!!

8:52 AM  

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