Tuesday, September 27, 2005

L is for Largen

Christopher Largen is a name of absurd contradiction. "Christopher" means "the bearer of Christ" and "Largen" is an adaptation of "Largent", which is a French word indicating "royalty". When I hear these words paired, I think they would have made a great name for a televangelist. Jesus and money, what a team!

I've spent my life with a mispronounced (even mangled) name. But the accurate pronunciation makes me cringe, as it has given me grief ever since I was eight years old, and the kids hopped around me in the playground, asking me, over and over again, "You got a large-un, Largen?" I'm not making this up.

I never answered them, preferring to let them guess. After all, some secrets are just too big to share.


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