Saturday, September 17, 2005

If Someone Wanted to Assassinate the President...

I first met Bill Clinton in 1992, at a rally in Corsicana, TX. Clinton and Gore were on a bus tour, stopping in large cities and small towns across the nation. I wanted a chance to shake Clinton's hand, so I made my way toward the bullpen (the enclosed area directly in front of his podium). As I neared the entrance to the pen, I was briefly stopped by two security officials who wanted to ensure the megaphone around my neck was not a weapon. They did their jobs, then waved me into the pen, where I shook hands with Clinton and Gore. Nearby, a contingency of pro-lifers stood with anti-Clinton signs and chanted for Jesus. They even interrupted Clinton during his oratory. Civil and free speech was in abundance from all sides. There was no violence, no arrests, and no fenced-off free speech zones partitioned from the main event. The same dynamic prevailed when I met Clinton again, a few months later at Meacham Airport in Ft. Worth. No goon squad. No speech police.

Flash forward to the year 2001. President Bush appears in front of crowds that have been vetted, pigeonholed, segmented by political affiliation. Protesters are relegated to fenced areas like cattle in a stable. Demonstrators holding anti-Bush signs are detained, questioned and arrested. Rabble-rousing is not tolerated, and violators will be shot. Oops, I forgot. Bush, not Stalin.

Officials from the Bush Administration would claim these chilling tactics serve to strengthen security for the President. After all, the new millennium is more volatile than the early 90's.

Hmmm... Let's think about this a moment, shall we? I bet we can find a major gaping black-hole of logic in this rationale.

If somebody really wanted to assassinate President Bush, they sure wouldn't attend a conservative rally wearing rainbow-colored dreadlocks and a FUCK BUSH t-shirt. In fact, they would probably don the plainest business suit they could score. They would wear their hair in a crew-cut. They would wear a cross necklace and a patriotic American flag on their lapel. They would make damn sure to blend in with the Dittoheads, and they would probably praise the Lord all the way to the security squad, who would likely wave them right into the bullpen, where the President would be an easy target.

Assassins wear disguises. This is common sense, but it doesn't seem to be grasped by the Secret Service. The easy-to-spot liberal protesters are probably the people least likely to pull out a gun, but they are the ones being corralled and contained. I guess they won't be around to witness any carnage when the well-disguised God-squad pulls out automatic weapons in the front row seats they've been approved for by security forces.

One more thing... Before some reactionary Bush adulator misunderstands my sentiments and phones the Secret Service to tell them I'm a naughty boy, let me make something clear. I believe violence is an immoral and ineffective means to secure political change. For the record, I am not a partisan, and I certainly do not support assassination. However, I do believe our Secret Service forces should be focused on the tough job of protecting the President (it's tough - 1 in 10 U.S. presidents have been assassinated), not imposing political apartheid on citizens who respect the First Amendment enough to actually exercise it.


Blogger Delarue said...

While I agree with you about pretty much everything you say, bare in mind that most assassins of US Presidents have not been too fussed about anonymity - viz 'Sic Semper Tyrannis' and the fine work of Guiteau. I'd love it - love it - if Sean Penn were to do a JW Booth.... That said, nice chap though he is, I wouldn't expect Latin from him.

8:09 AM  
Blogger elcid82 said...

as usual more leftist rhetoric,go back to your bong hippie

4:40 PM  

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