Saturday, September 10, 2005

Food Fix

Just in time for the release of JUNK, an article in Science News draws direct links between drug addiction and food addiction.

What's next? The Food Enforcement Administration? Coming soon to a concession stand near you...

"You got anything on you I need to know about, son? Knives? Guns? Bombs? Snack chips?" - Sgt. Belcher


Anonymous dr.bomb said...

I can state the obvious between food and drug addiction: People enjoy the pleasure! A good buzz is pleasurable. Yummy food is pleasurable. There's neither no shame nor sin in that in and of itself. It's human to enjoy the pleasurable things in life.

Addiction is ambivalence: It's when the person enjoys the pleasure and wishes for none of the negative consequences. They want all of the "yummies" without any of the "ouchies". And it's not because they're weak-willed either. To keep pursuing pleasure in light of actual problems that habit is giving themselves is evidence of an iron-will.

With that in mind, such "problem" behavior can only be diagnosed by the consumer and not by any outsider. The consumer knows what they're doing and the risks involved. They're not stupid.

Then again, scientists of the therapeutic state would do away with ideas related to free-will such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness lest they lose yet another federal grant for the bogus fraud known as "addiction research".


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