Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cheney Told to Fuck Himself

Though I avoid partisan politics like cholera in a hurricane-ravaged city, I must admit there is something immensely cathartic and satisfying about hearing the Vice-President told to go fuck himself on national television. After all, these were the same bitter words he spat at Patrick Leahy in DC some months ago. This is better than Crossfire, folks. Are you feeling the love?

Maybe Dick forgot - in the dirty world of politics, paybacks are hotter then hell.

Dick responded to the televised insult as if he was oblivious. Does he not comprehend that children were gang-raped in the Louisiana Superdome (aka Superdumb), on his watch? Of course he's not completely responsible for this, but does he know what it's like to wade through toxic waste? Has he ever been elderly, disabled, vulnerable, unable to evacuate to his underground bunker? Has he ever been forced to "loot" bread, water, and diapers?

Hurricane survivors are unwilling to be used as political fodder for any self-serving politician, Democrat or Republican.

Political correctness aside, Uncle Dick should just suck in his gut and suck it up - then swallow.


Blogger Buckeye Sculptor said...

This was good.Really, Really good. I don't like Chaney either. worst vice president ever....
Why don't they go get the dead bodies?? are they waiting to count how many buzzards fly in there or something? it's stupid.
if this is how quick the national guard is at wonder it's taking so long over there...

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Heath Battie said...

hehe =)

5:45 AM  

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