Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush Lands in OZ

According to W's national address last night, live from the French Quarter, Louisiana's devastated disaster area is an "opportunity zone" (the merry merry land of Oz). While it's true that public tax dollars will be divested to private business, stimulating economic growth, will that profit stay in the region? Or will it merely pad the bloated corporate wallets of "opportunists" in locales removed from the impact of the horror?

The nation has not even counted its dead yet. Isn't it a little early to move on? After all, Bush did not call the former site of the World Trade Center an "opportunity zone" a mere week after the Twin Towers fell.

I'm no partisan - the responsibility for this debacle lies with individuals, not parties. I also know that genuine optimism can be healthy for America. But it's in bad taste to think economics while the bodies are still rotting on the field of defeat. It indicates moral and emotional detachment, like a mortician scratching his palms and drooling.

Opportunity zone... Say what, Dorothy? If only those Munchkins hadn't drowned while the Wizards ate cake and played golf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is clear that you are a bush hating bleeding heart liberal who would like to create a social program to steal from the hardworking middle class and give to the poor!!

10:20 AM  

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