Friday, August 26, 2005

NIDA Blowing Smoke

The National Institute on Drug Abuse needs to be confronted with the fact that their own federally approved marijuana patients are not allowed to use vaporizers or water pipes - because the government requires them to smoke the marijuana through a "rolled paper tube" (the government sends the cigarettes pre-rolled, in Pall Mall papers with glue resin).

One might reasonably wonder, from a scientific and medical perspective, why NIDA would want their patients using harsh paper with glue resin. Even so, those federal patients have shown few signs of lung problems. That's after smoking 10 cigarettes each day for (in many cases) decades!! And yet NIDA won't perform (or release) any studies on their own patients. They never have. Why not? I'm sure it's not because they have anything to hide.

Makes me feel like e-mailing NIDA's director, Nora Volkow, and asking her. According to Ms. Volkow...

"The damaging effects of marijuana" include "cognitive impairments...deleterious effects on visual perception, verbal and visual memory, executive function, and manual dexterity, among other mental capabilities...loss of social and intellectual growth" with "a lifelong impact on a person's experience and achievement." She insinuates smoking marijuana will cause opiate abuse, stimulant abuse, and hallucinogen abuse. And she never hints that socioeconomic and legal factors might contribute to this purported "gateway effect".

But have no fear, folks, the pharmaceutical companies are here, with Ms. Volkow at the helm of the ship...

"NIDA's expanded research agenda will encourage development of medications to counter marijuana dependence... Some medications will be aimed at marijuana-associated disorders such as intoxication, delirium, psychosis, and anxiety. Other medications may address specific aspects of addiction recovery, such as withdrawal, craving, relapse, and complications such as cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, and depression and other mood disorders that often accompany marijuana abuse."

In other words, NIDA will help Big-Pharma synthesize more toxic drugs to prevent the use of this herb, all the while claiming they are "developing" (sounds more organic) a "medication" to treat "drug dependence".

Do we pay our officials to double-speak?

George Orwell's pigs sure are rooting deep these days.


Anonymous dr.bomb said...

It makes no sense! NIDA is a government agency which is allegedly against black-market drug dependence and YET they're for the development of corporate-friendly drugs to "treat" drug dependence.

As in getting people to depend on drugs to fight drug dependence.

They're nuts! This is only our corrupt government's way of giving a kickback to the pharmaseutical industry by decrying black market capitalism. Only through prohibition can they grab a share. You tax dollars at work, AAmerica!


6:59 PM  

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