Monday, August 22, 2005

JUNK Review - Go Ahead, Stroke My Ego...

My cousin, Graham Armstrong, is an 18 year-old college student, and he just finished reading JUNK. God, I love this man. Here are his thoughts on the book...

What I have just read is a hit. I loved every second. I started reading it and didn't stop until I was done. When I took a break and went into the kitchen for a snack, a chill went down my spine. I could never live in a world like JUNK; just the thought of it was quite terrifying. The book is great, and the thought of this marvel on film.... Oooo, I cant wait! My friends believe JUNK to be one of the most original ideas they have come across so far. Bottom line - the characters were original, the story was entertaining, frightening, realistic and at times quite heart-wrenching. It blended together so well. JUNK is a bloody hit, man! Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to have myself a Charlotte Russe.


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