Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Homegrown Mafia

It costs the United States Government approximately 30 cents per ounce to produce marijuana for the FDA's Investigational New Drug Program. An average cannabis plant yields ten ounces of marijuana. A single ounce of black-market marijuana costs $100-300 depending on the particular strain and the region of the U.S. in which it's sold. This means that a plant which costs $3 to grow can yield $3000 on the black market. In other words, prohibition has increased the value of marijuana by 1000 times.

Rest assured, the kingpins love our war on drugs. Prohibition has provided them with an unregulated marketplace with no age restrictions, and inflated black-market prices have generated vast amounts of wealth to be divided among drug pushers, corrupt police, crooked politicians, and terrorists. The dynamic is nearly identical to alcohol prohibition in the 1920's. There is only one way to dismantle the drug mafia: Legalize and regulate their products.

Here's a one-month supply of medical marijuana, cultivated at the University of Mississippi and distributed by Uncle Sam, who ships 300 pre-rolled cigarettes in a container that looks like a military ration can...

To those Americans opposed to marijuana, consider this... The very fact of this federal program's existence makes every American a marijuana grower and distributor by proxy.

by Norwegian Woody

This can is your can,
this can is my can,
from Humboldt County,
to Pine Ridge bounty,
from Ole Miss gardens,
to D.C. hard-ons,
this can was made for you and me.


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