Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hate Mail

As a political writer, I receive my fair share of hate mail. I expected my previous blog post might generate some heated responses, but I didn't expect to feel the love so quickly.

This morning I forwarded that post to a list-serve for a wonderful organization called Americans for Safe Access, which I subscribe to.

Within 4 minutes, I received the following personal email from one of the members of the list-serve...

If you send me more e-mails I will contact the FBI, the police and the district attorney to arrest you for bothering me with this trash. Thanks

Lou T****

I don't normally respond to this type of email, but since Lou had the gall to threaten me with legal action, I felt he deserved a response...


I posted to a few e-mail lists, not to you specifically. Now you have emailed me specifically. If you truly feel compelled to report me to the FBI, the police, and the District Attorney for using a list to exercise my First Amendment rights as an American (and survivor of sexual abuse) to advocate tougher sentences for pedophiles, go ahead. It will likely give them a chuckle. In fact, I'm inclined to report you for harassing me with threats like this, but I won't because I know law enforcement has bigger fish to fry. In any case, aside from this email, you should receive no more specific emails from me.

Congratulations, Lou. Your letter will be printed on my website. But I will respect your anonymity by only using your first name. And I will be keeping copies of both e-mails for my records, in case I should ever have reason to use them.

God Bless You,

Chris Largen


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