Thursday, August 18, 2005

Don't Believe the Hype: Drug Policy Reform

Recipe For Disaster:

Take several dozen highly paid attorneys and political lobbyists.
Blend with government provocateurs.
Mix a few wealthy donors with more money than common sense.
Scoop revenue in the hands of opulence addicts.
Sprinkle with black-market profiteers.
Coat with fevered egos, power junkies, and primal scream activists.
Bake medical marijuana patients until crisp.
Wrap in group-think, propaganda, and apathy.
Serves approximately 300 million.
Tastes like alphabet soup with chicken broth.
May cause indigestion, nausea, incarceration, subversion of reform.

HINT: Play a dinner game and see if you can spoon the letters DEA, FBI, CIA, ONDCP. For a tougher challenge, play mix and match!

Don't believe the hype, folks. Groups are only as strong as their self-appointed "leaders". You can trim the hair of a mangy sow, but a pig is only clean until it roots in its own excrement.

Think about it. Legislators don't place much stock in group-think e-mail ACTION ALERTS. They need to hear from individual constituents. Your hard-earned money would be better spent on postage stamps than "t-shirt memberships" hocked by hucksters riding in lobbyist limos.

Nobody speaks for me. And I respect you too much to speak for you. Stop counting on collectives to do your work. You are a majority of one. Act like it. Enough said.


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